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Ka Body Massage

The Ka, as described in ancient Egypt, is the first form of the soul that we can readily access, and it is a vehicle for ascension once you connect it fully to the heart-soul. Ka is similar in appearance to the body but is made of light and vibration. It is the body's etheric double and there is no part of the physical body that is outside of the Ka.

The joints are major reservoirs of energy that can be harnessed by the Ka and used for spiritual practices. There are also nexus points all over the Ka body that channel right into the mitochondria of the cells. These mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells, producing energy. (Thus my belief that we can be directly nourished from our spiritual bodies rather than food, but that's a whole 'nother post in itself) In massaging and opening the thirteen joints of the body and the twenty joints of the hands and feet, we release the crystalline deposits, stresses, and armoring around the joints, allowing more space into them. It is in this space "in between" that the Ka resides within the body, and it is in this space that Ka can harmonize and connect to all the other light bodies, bringing them into connection with the physical body and raising the frequency of matter itself. With this, an agreement is made between the physical body and Ka to allow light into form. As each articulation is opened, one comes in the flow of, and serves, divine timing and the Divine Plan.

Opening the thirteen articulations brings deep grounding, vitality, and empowerment to you. Each articulation is aligned in pairs, so two ankles, two wrists, and so on are massaged and resonated with over a period of time. As with all bodywork, the person receiving the treatment must have the intention to gain vitality. A simple meditation to do while participating in this form of massage is to visualize the Ka energy flowing into the joints and mitochondria to increase your vitality, health and well-being.

Ka body massage is a form of Thai massage that I have created out of four years of intense consciousness expansion and integration of the Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body. There's always room for more light, so schedule your session today.

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